Carson SeaMonster RC Monster Truck – 1/12 Scale (100% RTR)


Product: 1:12 Sea Monster 2.4 GHz 100% RTR

With the “Sea Monster”, CARSON leaves the ground and dives into the water. With its separately driven and super-interlockable rigid axles, this trial specialist can cope with just about anything that comes under its soft HighGrip wheels. It doesn’t even stop for deep water! As it passes through water, the Sea Monster’s tread pattern gives it enough propulsion to move forwards – even without land under its wheels. Its compact dimensions also allow the Sea Monster to be used in the tightest of terrains. Long spring travel is an invitation for extended climbing tours and its two motors, together with a supplied battery pack, provide a powerful drivetrain with sufficient reserves. Its stylishly designed and robust bodywork means it can get away with many a rollover or crash.
Thanks to an interference-free, 2.4 GHz RC system and 100% complete delivery, the CARSON “Sea Monster” is ready for action immediately. Buy — charge up — drive!

Fully assembled model, 2.4 GHz RC system, NiMH powerpack, charger, transmitter batteries and manual

Safety note:
Not for children under 3 years. The packaging has to be kept since it contains important informations. Illustration may vary from actual product in the box. CARSON reserves the rights to change, update or replace any component at any time.

1. Swims and drives in water
2. Two electric motors
3. Water-resistant chassis
4. 4WD / all-wheel drive
5. Full suspension
6. 2.4 GHz remote control

Technical data:
Length 390 mm
Width 210 mm
Height 200 mm
Wheel base 240 mm
Ground clearance 70 mm
Driving time 20 min
Weight 1.231 g

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