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When an item is brought to us for a possible repair, our team does everything they can to make sure that your models are getting the best care possible. This means that sometimes we may need to keep your vehicles for a little while so that we can get a closer look and get to the root of the problem. For assessments like these we require a servicing fee of £20*, which will contribute to the full payment if any repairs can be made.

For more details regarding our pricing, check the ‘Pricing’ section below.


At Collectables R Us we aim to give you the desired results within a reasonable timescale. This very much depends on the severity of any damage and types of repairs necessary to bring your beloved models back on track. Our team specializes in vehicle repairs and give them the best care your collection deserves. This can include, but is not limited to:

– Re-magnetizing motor magnets

– Railway model repairs

– Exchange or repair of faulty parts

– Construction of remote control vehicle

And many more!

No matter whether you’re looking for a complete repair or just spare parts – vintage Legos, replacement wheels, spare fishplates, you name it – we will sure try our best to help. If it exists, it’s likely that we can find it!

If you have any other queries on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].


Does your model or set require cleaning or polishing? Are they in need of any minor fixes or paint touch-ups? Why not let us refresh your collectibles to their original glory with the help of our team and their magic touch! Whether it be a small crack needing a fix or a desire for an entirely new look, our team can provide you with almost any service you and your vehicles need.

If there is anything you think we can help you or your collection with, do give us a ring on 01494 440598, or click here for our ‘Customer Commissions‘ area to find out more.


As a small business we try our best to give you unique and excellent customer service as well as ensure outstanding quality of our products and projects. We are thankful for all of our customers who have supported us over the years and hope to continue our journey for many more.

Starting rom £20...
Price list (excl. VAT)
Repairs assessment and/or deposit: £20 + VAT
Minor repairs/renovations of up to 30 minutes: £20 + parts + VAT
Personalised number plate: £25 per model+ VAT
Sound card fitting: £30 + parts + VAT
Locomotive personalization: £30 + VAT
Hourly rate (repair, commissions, building, etc.): £40/hr + VAT

More details

Valuations of items are free and done in person only, with one of our team members.

Most repairs assessments will only need a glance. However, sometimes we need to take a closer look at your precious collectibles – for longer or closer assessments, we require a non-refundable £20* deposit before an assessment can take place. If you choose to go ahead with the commission or repair after our assessment, this £20* charge will count as a deposit and will be deducted from the total cost of the services provided.

Commission work is considered for most subjects such as cars, boats, planes, and trains and are subjected to a £40* per hour rate (not inclusive of any extra parts needed to order for the commission). We define commission work as the execution of work surrounding the personalization of your desired vehicle, such as re-spray; switching from left- to right-hand drive and vice versa; and much more.

Our hourly rate counts towards many things we do during commission and repair process – our time, efforts, research, convenience, expertise, resources, and care towards your model.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please do contact our store via email of the enquiries phone number provided below.


*All prices shown above (unless specified) do not include VAT. Tax is calculated at 20.00% and added onto the total bill.